Resettlement Program


The Program Director was included in the Bulgarian Delegation to the first NATO EAPC Conference in Yalta – held in April 2001 on Resettlement Programs in Central and East Europe

The Yalta Conference was organized by HQ NATO and it is the first in Euro-Atlantic Partnership Committee format. The Conference was chaired by the NATO Economic Commission Director Mr. Daniel George.

The Resource Center Foundation was represented by the Social Adaptation Program Director, who made a detailed presentation on the cooperation between a NGO and the Ministry of Defense in terms of the national Social Adaptation Program of the redundant military servicemen and their families in the civil society. The speech was accepted with great interest, because the Foundation was the only NGO, represented on that forum. The Resource Center Foundation’s experience in its cooperation with the Ministry of Defense on the Social Adaptation Program, was extremely interesting for the participants namely because of its uniqueness, compared to the other countries represented on the Conference. In the end of the forum, two proposals were accepted, namely, establishment of common criteria for social adaptation within the EC and setting up a specialized web-site in the official NATO web page with links to all national programs. The next Conference will be held in 2002.


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