Resettlement Program


Joint project among Resource Center Foundation, Regional Economic Development and Investments Agency – Dobrich and Agro-Business Center Silistra


In 2004 the joint project Private Businesssecond chance for realization among Resource Center Foundation, Agency for Regional Economic Development and Investments in Dobrich and Agro-Business Center Silistra will be implemented. The project was supported and financed by the PHARE Program, “Labor Market Initiatives” Project. Project execution period is 10 months and will be implemented on the territory of Dobrich district, where there are a high percentage of redundant military servicemen. It starts in January 2004.  The main project goal is reduction of unemployment in Dobrich district by increase of economic activities and enterprising among unemployed ex-militaries. The redundant military servicemen of the Dobrich and Balchik garrisons have high level education and good organizational and leadership skills.  They are compelled to adapt to civil life and find their realization. They have good chances to acquire start up capital and to provide credit financial security. Based on all these prerequisites they are an appropriate target group that can acquire enterprising skills and knowledge for setting up private business. The successful transforming of the military servicemen into employers will provide vacancies not only for them but also for other unemployed in the region.

The main project activities include the conducting of motivation training to the target group on the development of private business; training on setting up of an own business with additional modules for business planning, marketing, financial and human resource management. A consultation by a board of experts during the start up and development period of the future companies until they reach a sustainable and successful imposing on the market will be provided. Most enterprising redundant military servicemen during the training will be stimulated by organized visits to specialized exhibitions for establishing relations with potential contractors.

Expected specific project results are:

-   6 specialized modules conducted for set-up and management of the business with 40 pre-selected redundant military servicemen;

-   a minimum of 500 specialized  consulting services and 40 developed business plans and applications for credit;

-   a minimum of 15 new registered companies.



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