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The Phare Access Program initiated by the European Commission, aims to assist in achieving EU political criteria from Copenhagen (1993) through the capacity development of NGOs.The total budget of the Program is 20, 000, 000 EUR, including 1, 800, 000 EUR to finance projects in Bulgaria.The Program funds projects submitted by NGOs concerning the application of the European Legislation and promoting social integration of individuals and groups with a high risk of economic, social and political marginalization in the process of transformation.

Encouraging entrepreneurship and providing loans to unemployed women

Partner: Association Social Entrepreneurship Center - Plovdiv

The goal of the project is providing opportunity to unemployed women to integrate in new economic conditions through training on starting their own business as an active strategy for living standard increase. Business training will be combined with real crediting opportunities from Resource Center Microcrediting Program as well as from other institutions for crediting small and medium business. Specific project beneficiaries will be 25 women from Sofia district selected through Employment Offices, which, after the training, will be assisted to develop application documents for crediting by Mikrofond Sofia district, the regional structure of RCF. The target group includes also  unemployed wives of redundant military officers from Plovdiv 15 and from Haskovo 10, where the project partner has information about their needs and attitudes. 

The project duration is 10 months: from December 2002 to September 2003.


Rayna Timcheva Project manager
, Serdika str.
. 915-48-43

Yanka Davcheva Coordinator
.k. Trakia, 21, fl.66
. 032 640 930


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