Resource Center Foundation

Resource Support and Increasing of the Program and Informational Capacity of NGOs

Resource Center Foundation has been selected as a partner of the Democracy Network Program in two areas: grant giving program and information sharing and networking program. The extension of the program is 3 years.

Grant giving program:

In the “democracy strengthening” sphere:

  • Forging partnerships between the authorities and the civil society;

  • Assisting the initiation of public debates on everyday issues, provision of alternative problem solutions by expert teams;

  • Monitoring of administration activities: enhancing transparency, fighting corruption as a part of the public administration reform.

In the “economic development” sphere:

  • Supporting projects on NGO involvement in the preparation of regional development plans;

  • Encouraging the integration process between the different parts of the country within the context of European integration.

Information Sharing and Networking Program:

  • Enhancing NGO networking capacities;

  • Broadening the NGO information exchange and information facilities;

  • Attaining a better internal communication based on a professional NGO catalogue;

  • Initiating regular NGO meetings to establish a better regional communication;

  • Establishing regional information networks.

The following internal priority spheres can be outlined under the Grant giving Program:

  • Third sector development;

  • NGO/State partnership;

  • NGO/Municipality partnership.

In the “third sector development” sphere:

  • Assisting coordination and development of partnerships among third-sector organizations;

  • Proving the crucial NGO role in the sphere of small businesses by granting information and consultancy services;

  • Attaining a significant NGO presence in the process of tackling regional problems and mobilizing resources for their settlement.

In the “NGO/State partnership” sphere:

  • Assisting projects which present patterns of interaction between NGOs and government agencies as well as the ones dealing with the implementation of public procurement;

  • Securing a persistent NGO presence in the practical implementation of public procurement.

In the “NGO/Municipality partnership” sphere:

  • Increasing NGO involvement in the preparation of regional development plans;

  • Supporting projects on joint activities with the municipalities.


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