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The Resource Center Foundation is a non-profit legal entity established in December 1998 and officially registered on February 2nd, 1999.


Contribute to the process of democratization by promoting sustainable development in all spheres of socail and political life and through the establishment of mechanisms and structures of civil society.


  • Support the sustainable development of the NGO sector in Bulgaria, enhance its building capacities and professionalism and encourage the implementation of successful practices.

  • Provide information on the activities conducted within the NGO sector and create a favorable social environment

  • Optimize the legal and taxation conditions

  • Adapt and apply business practices

  • Stimulate citizens’ involvement and participation in Bulgaria’s EU accession process and promote security in the South East region; adapt and disseminate democratic mechanisms and practices applied in the countries with well established democracies

  • Encourage the social entrepreunership development

  • Establish appropriate conditions for small and medium sized business

  • Provide conditions for social and professional realization of isolated social groups

  • Create innovative alternatives for dealing with the problems arising as a result from the economic and other social restructuring

  • Establish a system for successful social adaptation and economic integration of the redundant military servicemen